Welcome to read the new VTT Industrial Biotechnology Blog


The purpose of this blog is to give information on our R&D activities and share innovative topics in the field of industrial biotechnology.  We are welcoming all readers – especially our current and new industrial and academic collaborators.

The world is facing big challenges: By 2030 we need 50% more food, 45% more energy, and 30% more water. In addition, due to the climate change, usage of non-renewable fossil resources should be limited. Therefore, more sustainable ways for the production of energy, chemicals and materials are needed.

At VTT, we are tackling these challenges by developing sustainable technologies and processes based on biotechnology and our Cell Factory concept.

A variety of technologies makes it possible to face the future challenges

Our core competence is to develop yeast, photosynthetic microbes, fungal and plant cells for production of proteins, enzymes, biofuels, biomaterials and chemicals. We apply synthetic and systems biology, protein engineering, plant biotechnology, production physiology research and automation to achieve optimal, sustainable processes for different products.

From gene discovery to piloting

We offer our clients the whole chain from gene discovery and production strain development up to piloting the bioprocess.

Since our R&D activities cover widely the different fields of biotechnology, the scope of the blog posts will cover anything between protein discovery to optimization of e.g. beer brewing. The common theme of our posts is development of an efficient and sustainable production technologies.

We hope you enjoy our blog posts! Please, join the discussion, give us feedback and pose questions.


Kirsi-Marja Oksman-Caldentey                            Timo Pulli

Head of Research Area                                        Research Team Leader, Blog Editor

More information  about us can be found in VTT Industrial Biotechnology www-pages.

VTT. Kirsi-Marja Oksman-Calentey.Dr. Kirsi-Marja Oksman-Caldentey is heading VTT’s Industrial Biotechnology research area with 90+ research scientists and technicians. She is pharmacist by education, and she has worked both in industry and academia before coming to VTT 17 years ago. Her own scientific interest is in plant biotechnology understanding the complex biosynthetic pathways in plants leading to highly complex molecules, and how one can engineer their biosynthesis in cultivated plant cell systems towards biotechnological applications.




IMG_0546Dr. Timo Pulli is leader of the Protein Discovery and Engineering team in VTT Industrial Biotechnology research area. He has wide experience in R&D, business development, and commercialization of life science related technologies. His team develops enzymes and other proteins for various applications.


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